The UK has taken a financial hit. Recession. Inflation. What’s next? So, what is the best type of car to get? Used or New cars? What will benefit you in the short-run and long-run?

We have pulled together the benefits and drawbacks of used cars vs new cars to help you decide which is best for you.


Used cars:

The current economy, running costs, price, payment options, delivery, insurance, and maintenance are all factors which need to be considered when buying a car.

So, here are the benefits and drawbacks of buying a used car over a new car:


Benefits of used cars:

  • Cheaper – the biggest benefit of used cars is that they are usually less expensive than new cars that come straight from the manufacturer or new models. This means their upfront purchase cost is lower.
  • Quick delivery – you can ride your new car out the showroom as soon as you buy it without having to wait weeks for a newly manufactured car.
  • More choice – with used cars you have a higher variety of options as there are more supply of used cars and more model versions. Want to check out our selection? Click here to find out.
  • More value – used cars can range from newer to older models, because of this, their value does not depreciate as quickly as a new car.


Drawbacks of used cars:

  • Not brand new. – it is difficult to tell the user history of the car and so can be seen as However, car dealerships and companies selling used cars usually provide a full servicing on the car, ensuring it is in top condition to be sold.
  • MOT and Servicing – with used cars over 3years, they need to have an MOT certification every year and annual servicing. Here at UCAN, all our cars are serviced and MOT’d before you buy.
  • Not warranted by the manufacturer – So, at UCAN we provide 6months free of charge warranty and breakdown cover which can then be upgraded to 2 years. Click here to find out more.



New cars:

Want to be a new owner? With buying a new car, there are benefits and drawbacks within the current economic climate.


Benefits of new cars:

  • You get a brand-new car straight from the warehouse and get the full warranty and protection from the brand.
  • They are cheaper to run if they are on warranty – any replacements/fixtures are included in the warranty from the manufacturers. With new cars you usually get a warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Reliable – due to them coming directly from manufacturers, there technically should be no issues with the cars as they have no user history – you will be the first owner.
  • Customisation – you can add new specs to your new car to make it tailored to you – but has its added costs. However, customised features and parts can also be more difficult to replace and repair.


Drawbacks of new cars:

  • More expensive – The biggest and most obvious drawback of them all is that they have higher upfront costs. Due to it being brand new car and being the first user of the car, new cars are pricier than that of the same model as a used car.
  • New cars depreciate at an exponential rate – they lose their value so your new car will be worth far less than what you paid if you decide to sell it.
  • Slow delivery – especially if there have been new specifications added. As a result, it can take months for them to arrive which is not the best if you need the car straightaway.
  • Expensive insurance – due to the cars being brand new or depending on which car/brand you buy, insuring a new car is usually far more expensive, adding more costs to the original initial purchase cost of the car.


Deciding on any car can be difficult. We hope these new vs used car comparisons have been useful.


However, decided on a used car?

If you still want that “new car” feeling, visit our showrooms here. We have a wide range of used cars to give you that top new car feeling. With our showrooms you can even book a test drive to enhance your car buying experience.

Get a more affordable used car with the experience of buying brand new!


Other services:

We also provide car finance even when you have poor or bad credit. You do not need to worry. Here at UCAN, we provide for your credit situations and work our hardest to meet your needs. Click