Cookies are small files which are placed onto your computer, tablet or smartphone by the websites that you visit. The purpose of cookies is to allow the website to remember information about your visit.

How do we use Cookies?

Ucan Car Credit uses Cookies to remember information about your visit to our website to help us improve its performance. The Cookies we use do not store information about you personally; however they do store information about your browsing habits and any preferences you have specified for marketing purposes.

In order to help us understand how many visitors we have to our website, which pages are visited and to help us develop future improvements, reporting and analysis is carried out using Google Analytics who will place Cookies on your device. For more information about this please visit

Types of Cookies:

There are two types of Cookies used by our website:

Session Cookies – this type of Cookie are stored temporarily until you close the website browser whereby they are destroyed. Session Cookies may remember information you have inputted on a previous webpage to minimise inconvenience to you when you are completing online forms (for example a finance application). However these Cookies do not contain your personal information and cannot be used to identify you.

Persistent Cookies – this type of Cookie is saved on your computer so that when you close it down and start it up again it will still be there until it reaches its expiry date. At this time it will be destroyed. Persistent Cookies will help us identify you as a unique user; however they do not allow you to be identifiable to another person. We use Session Cookies.

How do Cookies affect my privacy?

None of the Cookies used by will store personally identifiable information about you. We merely use Cookies to tailor our website content to fit the requirements of the user. Please note that we do use Cookies within our online finance application form. Without Cookies you would be unable to apply for finance within the website. For more information please consult UcanCarCredit’s Privacy Policy.

How to browse our website without Cookies:

You are of course free to browse without Cookies. This applies to any website. To disable Cookies it is necessary for you to turn them off using your internet settings. If you are using a smartphone you will need to consult the handset manual for more information. Please note that if you do decide to disable Cookies this may prevent you from taking full advantage of the website.

Please check our Terms of business and Privacy Policy pages for more information.