Car leasing with bad credit

Car leasing is a good option for some people, at attractive rates, but for many people it is difficult to get due to their credit profile. Often attractive rates are only available for business users and when you add the additional VAT on top of your payments and also include a large up-front deposit it can work out quite expensive overall.

Other things to look for are mileage restrictions on the deal and when you factor in paying out for any scratch, dent or minor issue when your car is returned at the end of the lease it is not an easy form of finance for many private individuals.

Our customers tend to find that they are better off with a fixed manageable payment over the term of their loan with no restrictions on their mileage. We have a great selection of car finance offers for all customers from those looking for a great rate to those who may have had credit problems in the past.

Apply now and look forward to driving away your car on a simple easy to manage payment.

Ucan Car Credit
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